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Baby Rolling, The Next Step

Tummy Times Next Step

Now that you have set the groundwork with tummy time, we can introduce your baby to rolling! Babies start independently rolling anywhere between 3 and 6 months of age. Helping your baby to roll can assist them in developing their neck, shoulders, core and hip muscles for future skills. Guiding your baby by rolling back and forth to their belly can also provide them with needed rest breaks from tummy time.

Watch our video below for a quick tutorial on how to guide your baby through a rolling exercise. As you facilitate your baby through this exercise, remember that you want your baby doing as much as they can on their own for optimal strengthening and carry over. Also, make sure you help your baby roll over the left and right sides of their body to increase symmetry of movements. Reach out with any questions or comments. Remember to follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more tips. Now let’s get rolling!

Baby Development: Rolling

Welcome to the team Beth!

Total Pediatric Therapy supports the field of education by providing learning opportunities for future Pediatric Physical Therapists.

We want to welcome Beth Rudolph to our team.  Beth is a Doctor of Physical Therapy student at Northern Arizona University and is currently completing a 10 week clinical rotation with Katie Prenovost, PT, DPT as her clinical instructor.

Beth received her Bachelor’s degree from University of Arizona in Physiology and offers years of experience in the field of physical therapy, as a respite care provider, and as a swim instructor.  She hopes to work within the field of Pediatrics upon graduation and is dedicated to learning and expanding her skills within this area of specialty.  Total Pediatric Therapy is excited to guide her through this learning opportunity!