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How do you find a proper shoe to fit with orthotics?

Pediatric orthotics are great devices in helping support a child's foot/ankle position, encourage mobility and overall improve stability and gait success. At Total Pediatric Therapy we will often work with orthotic fitters and the child's parents to get the child properly fit for their orthotics. The orthotics then become an integral part of the child's rehabilitation process.  The challenge that arises is, "How do you find a proper shoe to fit with orthotics?"

We know it can be difficult to find shoes that work with your child's orthotics. To help we have created this recommendation list. These recommendations come directly from clients that have found they work. If you have any to suggest please let us know!

Nike Revolution 5 (Flyease or Not)
Adidas EQ21 EL
Billy Footwear
New Balance Wide or Extra Wide
Plae - Ty with Large Mesh

Welcome Dr. Brittany Zimmerman to our team!



Total Pediatric Therapy is happy to welcome Dr. Brittany Zimmerman, PT, DPT to our pediatric physical therapy team!  In 2020, Total Pediatric Therapy built out the Suite next to our old office that was shared with Total Sports Therapy.  This increased our ability to serve more pediatric patients.  The growth we experienced was phenomenal and we are fortunate to have Brittany join us, sharing the same philosophy and approach to care.

Total Pediatric Therapy is located in the North Valley serving the communities of Cave Cree, Carefree, North Scottsdale, and North Phoenix. Call to schedule your appointment with Dr. Zimmerman at 480-272-6332. To learn more about Brittany, visit her bio page here.