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Our Vision

Total Pediatric Therapy provides skilled Pediatric Physical Therapy to children and their families in the North Valley.  Our experienced therapist offers individualized treatment sessions specific to each child's abilities and personal goals.  In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere designed just for children, we guide our patients to make gains in mobility, strength, balance, and coordination.  The path to improved physical functionality is unique for each child, and Total Pediatric Therapy aspires to be a partner on that path.

Our Philosophy

We are passionate about pediatric therapy.  We approach our care with years of experience and a goal of not only treating our patients but educating families and the community about what they can do to help improve the quality of life for their children.

Our Mission

Our mission at Total Pediatric Therapy is to help children achieve their greatest potential mobility, thus enabling them to thrive in their environments.  To achieve optimal outcomes for our patients, we focus our therapeutic efforts on treating them with a holistic approach through individualized treatment sessions.  We also believe in engaging our patients with fun therapeutic activities and games to motivate their productive participation during therapy.  As physical therapy providers, our experience evaluating, treating, and educating both children and their families guides our purpose: to improve each patient’s functional abilities through a personalized therapy plan.

Developmental delay

Our Therapist

Katie Prenovost, PT, DPT

Katie Prenovost, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Director of Pediatric Therapy

Katie's passion for the pediatric patients has made her a resource for parents and local medical providers.

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Brittany Zimmerman, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Brittany Zimmerman's ever-growing passion for pediatric physical therapy centers around her love for kids and desire to improve the quality of life of others!

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